Month: July 2015

  • Hero

    The cable and network news have been describing the military personnel killed in Chattanooga as “heroes.” Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been saying that John McCain is not a hero. So what is a hero? The Oxford English Dictionary defines a “hero” as “a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding […]

  • Bob Hormats on Greece

    I had not seen Bob Hormats on TV for years. When I was on the Brazil desk, he was a deputy assistant secretary working in the State Department economic bureau. Today he was on Bloomberg, which said he is now at Kissinger, where he is working on Greece. He said the Greek deal was worth […]

  • Iran Nuclear Deal as Seen by Morning Joe

    Morning Joe on MSNBC had pretty good coverage of the nuclear agreement with Iran, relaxing Western sanctions on Iran in return for Iran agreeing to restrictions on its nuclear program.  Most of the commentary was unfavorable to the deal. I believe that the world is safer with Iran deal. The nuclear proliferation achieved by India, […]

  • Aljazeera Still the Best TV News

    After clicking around the TV channels, I still believe that Aljazeera has the best general news coverage, mostly because it has the best foreign coverage.  Aljazeera still seems to have correspondents stationed around the globe.  The US networks don’t seem to have anybody outside of a few major cities in each continent, basically London and […]

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