Month: September 2015

  • Bad Memories of a Government Shutdown

    It looks like we will avoid a government shutdown tomorrow, but one still hangs over us before the end of the year. The 1990s government shutdown broke faith with the American people, and particularly with me as a government employee, and I have not forgiven the Republicans for bringing it on, although the Democrats were […]

  • Bigotry in the US and Israel

    Tom Friedman’s column in today’s NYT is probably meant to be a warning to US politicians not to speak evil of their opponents, to me it is confirmation of bigotry in Israeli society, which Jews usually denounce as antisemitism if anyone dares speak it aloud. As a Jew, Tom Friedman may come under more criticism […]

  • Perlmutter Supports Iran Deal

    Congressman Perlmutter answered my last letter encouraging him to support the Iran nuclear deal.  He said that he would support it, combined with strong support for Israel. Letter from the congressman:   September 4, 2015 Dear James, Thank you for contacting me about the Iran nuclear agreement. I appreciate hearing from you on such an […]

  • Americans Ignore Australia

    Today I watched several US morning news shows – CBS & Morning Joe – and then I watched Aljazeera.  One of Aljazeera’s lead stories was the fact that Australia had a new Prime Minister.  Neither of the US shows had mentioned that.  All of the the US networks focus on easy news.  They have virtually […]