Month: February 2016

  • Westward Expansion as Safety Net

    Everybody makes big deal of diversity in US. It is an accident of history. Unlike Europe, which has been settled for millennia, America was virtually empty when it was discovered by Columbus in 1492. The Indians were hunter-gatherers who had created only a few cities or towns in North America, mostly in the Southwest, although […]

  • Apple Fighting FBI for Commercial Reasons

    The Guardian reported that the FBI responded to Apple’s refusal to help it break into the San Bernardino terrorist’s phone by accusing Apple of using the case for financial and commercial benefit.  The article said: The FBI accused Apple of prioritizing its public relations strategy over a terrorism investigation on Friday in a significant escalation […]

  • Kashkari on Big Bank Break Up

    I am pleased with Kashkari’s remarks reported in the WSJ, reinforcing my earlier remarks that the big banks need to be broken up.

  • Keep the Draft

    As one of the last people subject to the draft during the Vietnam War. I am writing to support the continued existence of the Selective Service System in case we need a military draft sometime in the future. I actually volunteered after being classified 1-A and passing the physical, rather than wait a month or […]

  • Bank Problems

    I am concerned about declining confidence in the US banking sector.  Recently CNBC and Bloomberg have been discussing problems at the German bank Deutsche Bank.  More disturbing for Americans, declining stock prices for big American banks indicate a lack of confidence in the whole industry. Dodd-Frank was supposed to protect us from bank failures, but […]