Month: March 2016

  • Apple Is Evil

    I have been a fan of Apple products, but I am put off by Apple’s decision to side with the terrorists in San Bernardino.  I don’t believe that American citizens have an absolute right to privacy.  If this were the case, the Fourth Amendment would not allow any searches and seizures; instead it allows them […]

  • Hillary and Libya

    The thrust of this Foreign Policy article is that Hillary and Obama at some point decided to use the Libyan intervention to bring about “regime change” and get rid of Qaddafi.  The article argues that the Libyan mission began as a humanitarian attempt to save the people of Benghazi from Qaddafi’s attacks, but without publicly […]

  • Hillary, the Rich, and the Poor – Part 2

    On Sunday’s CNN GPS,  Fareed Zakaria discussed the book Listen, Liberal with its author, Thomas Frank.  It sounds like its thesis is that the Democratic party has ignored the middle class for at least a generation.  This follows my earlier post about Hillary, the Rich, and the Poor.  A description of Frank’s book says: Democrats […]

  • Encryption and the Fourth Amendment

    Apple should be willing to help the US government access information on the iPhones of terrorists and other criminals.  I do not think that anyone living under a democratic government has an absolute right to inviolable privacy.  If someone’s home is subject to a search warrant issued by a proper judicial process, his other possessions […]

  • New York Times Omits Bernard Henri Levy’s Role in Libya

    The NYT’s excellent articles (Part I and Part 2) about Hillary Clinton’s role in the Libya disaster after getting rid of Qaddafi, omit the role of French philosopher Bernard Henri Levy in creating the mess, examined in this France 24 article. The NYT articles talk about how the Europeans, particularly the French and British promised […]