Month: June 2016

  • State Department Dissent Memo on Syria

    State Department Dissent Memo on Syria

    The New York Times has the text of the dissent channel memo regarding Syria, although it is displayed in somewhat unusual format. Here is a link to the text: The Washington Post also has a story about the memo. I do not agree with the dissenters. I don’t think Assad will leave unless […]

  • Obama, Modi and the MTCR

    Indian Prime Minister Modi has made membership in the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), which I helped create, an issue in his meeting with Obama.  While the MTCR has gotten some Indian press play, it has not been an issue in the US press.  According to the Indian press, Obama supports Indian membership in both […]

  • Bob Kerrey – War Criminal with a Medal of Honor

    I believe that Roger Cohen intended his New York Times column on Bob Kerrey to be somewhat complementary of Kerrey as a man trying to make amends for his involvement in a wartime atrocity. However, the impression it made on me was of his hatred for military veterans in general, and Vietnam veterans in particular. […]