Month: August 2016

  • MTCR References

    Following are some references to the Missile Technology Control Regime, which I helped create.  Most deal with India’s membership. I concur in the following Bulletin criticism of controls on drones.  When I was at State, the Pentagon was always trying to expand the MTCR controls to cover any thing or any country they […]

  • Election Process

    One reason we have such poor candidates for President is that the election process is so terrible. The Republican debates and primaries for both 2012 and 2016 tended to destroy the chances for the best candidates. In 2012, Mitt Romney was not a terrible candidate, but he had to debate with a bunch of idiots […]

  • Attitudes Toward Military Service

    I find the op-ed unconvincing in the NYT today by someone who avoided the Vietnam War draft and now repents for doing so. He fails to address the hatred and vitreol directed against returning Vietnam veterans, and the moral sef-righteousness displayed by those who did not go. He does not address the way that the […]

  • The Battle of the Grieving Parents

    Donald Trump has completely blown his interaction with the Kahn family, which criticized him at the DNC.  Since Mrs. Kahn did not say anything, it was pretty clear that she was there only to show the headscarf and silenly imply that the Democratic Party supports Muslim women.  When asked why she did not speak, she […]

  • Hillary Follows Obama’s Failures

    Obama has been a pretty good President.  So why are the people calling for change, Trump and Sanders, doing so well?  Obama saved the US from falling into a depression when he took over from Bush during the 2008 financial crisis.  He and Fed Chair Ben Bernanke did this by bailing out the big banks […]