Medicare for All

I oppose both the Trump healthcare plan and the continuation of Obamacare. I think that both create huge unfunded liabilities for the US Government. For seven years after Obamacare passed, the Republicans called for its repeal. Now they call for “repeal and replace,” which essentially admits defeat for their original position. By retaining some Obamacare provisions, such as coverage of pre-existing conditions and older children, and in some cases Medicaid, the Trump plan continues to be hugely expensive compared to pre-Obamacare health costs for the federal government. Of course, continuing Obamacare, with all of its giveaways, would be even more expensive.

I personally have Medicare; so, I have no dog in this fight except as a taxpayer. As a taxpayer, I believe the best solution would be government-funded, single-payer healthcare, Medicare for all, which almost all other advanced nations have. To pay for this we would have to raise taxes a lot, but hopefully it would end this mixed government-private system we have now, which is an expensive mess designed by lobbyists from the healthcare and insurance industries. Healthcare in America is both worse and more expensive than in most other advanced countries.

I realize this option is only popular with far-left liberals, but when the Republicans proposed to “repeal AND REPLACE” Obamacare, it became a more centrist, reasonable option. I hope you will consider it.


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