Month: December 2017

  • Brooks on Democracy

    David Brooks has a good column in the NYT on the virtues of democracy, “The Glory of Democracy,”  but one questions he fails to deal with is who should participate in it.  When the US was created, the founding fathers limited the vote to older, white, male citizens who owned property.  If we still had […]

  • Browder, Putin, Congress, and the Magnitsky Act

    William Browder was born in America, made billions in Russia during the 1990s, renounced his American citizenship in 1998, and then persuaded the Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act in 2012, punishing Putin and his friends after Putin barred Browder from Russia in 2006.   The Magnitsky Act was the subject of the famous meeting […]

  • Income Inequality and Public Relations

    Martin Wolf’s column in the Financial Times on “A Republican Tax Plan Built for Plutocrats” raised an interesting issue for me as a former Southerner.  Wolf wrote: The pre-civil war South was extremely unequal, not just in the population as a whole, which included the slaves, but even among free whites. A standard measure of […]

  • Bad WSJ Op-Ed on Israel

    Why did the Wall Street Journal publish the op-ed “Anti-Israel Activists Subvert a Scholarly Group”?  I have never heard of the group or the people involved.  Does this warrant national attention?  My reaction from reading the article is that everyone involved, the professors attacked in the article and the authors of the article are all […]