Month: August 2018

  • George Marshall vs. John Brennan

    The media is going crazy about the fact that Donald Trump revoked the security clearance of former CIA chief John Brennan.  Trump has been criticized by a number of senior former intelligence and military professionals.  The media has particularly emphasized the letter by retired Adm. William McRaven, who was the Navy Seal commander.  I particularly […]

  • The New Yorker on Bill Browder

    This New Yorker article, “How Bill Browder Became Russia’s Most Wanted Man,” discusses a number of people who worked on passing the Magnitsky Act, most of whom were Jewish, including: Bill Browder himself Edmond Safra, Browder’s billionaire partner in Hermitage Capital Senator Ben Cardin Ambassador Dan Fried David Kramer of Freedom House Stephen Sestanovich of […]

  • John Oliver on Trade

    I just watched John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” show on trade and I was disappointed.  Usually his main topic is well done, but tonight’s was not.  He said there is no such thing as a trade deficit, when clearly there is.  Just Google “trade deficit.” Investopedia says: A trade deficit is an economic measure of […]