Month: April 2020

  • The Economist Expects Market Fraud to Be Revealed

    The Economist Magazine expects the covid-19 market turmoil to reveal lots of fraud: Besides exposing old schemes, the pandemic is likely to give rise to new ones. When economic survival is threatened, the line separating what is acceptable and unacceptable when booking revenues or making market disclosures can be blurred. Mr Kroll reckons that “amid […]

  • Manipulating the Stock Market

    The dramatic ups and downs of the stock market indicate to me that it is being manipulated by big, wealthy investors.  If the stock market is really representative of America’s business value, it is hard to believe that America is worth 3 to 5 percent more on one day than it was  the day before […]

  • When Arizona Was a Confederate Territory

    To most Americans, Arizona seems as far from the battlefields of the American Civil War as one can get. But it was in the first year of the Civil War that what we think of as Arizona came into being — as a Confederate territory. In fact, Confederate actions in the Far Western theater of […]

  • Virus Model Numbers Going Down

    Something important is happening as the coronavirus crisis continues: Estimates of its lethality keep going down. On March 31, the White House estimated that, even with social distancing policies in place, between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans would die of covid-19. Anthony S. Fauci recently indicated the government’s estimates will soon be revised downward. The University of Washington model — […]

  • Wartime President?