Month: January 2021

  • Failure of Primaries

    One thing the last elections have shown us is the failure of political parties.  In retrospect the old smoke-filled room method of selecting candidates by party insiders worked better than the new open primary system.  Primaries have pushed both the left and the right to choose more extreme candidates.  Since only one-party votes in primaries, […]

  • Returning from Vietnam

    The media focus on current and former military members’ involvement in the January 6 assault on the Capitol makes me wonder how much longer Americans will honor those who serve in the military.  The press reported that the FBI was investigating the backgrounds of the thousands of National Guardsmen who were called to protect the […]

  • Ancient Rome and the US

    I have been reading some history of Rome to see if it had any lessons for today.  In the description of Rome around 133 BC, I found Mary Beard’s description apposite.  She writes: Looking back over the period, Roman historians regretted the gradual destruction of peaceful politics. Violence was increasingly taken for granted as a […]