Month: May 2021

  • Covid Was Not a War

    The Covid pandemic was often compared by news media to a war. The war analogy has been used to justify the huge expenditures and budget deficits associated with the response to Covid.  However, Covid was not like a war.  Wars kill young people in the prime of life; Covid killed unproductive old people a few […]

  • Nuclear Power and the Environment

    If environmentalists were serious, they would embrace nuclear energy.  It has downsides, but it does not contribute to global warming.  Environmentalists oppose nuclear energy on political grounds, not scientific ones.  Wind and solar energy are becoming more productive and reliable, but they still cannot supply the base load for electrical power.  They are too dependent […]

  • Low Interest Rates Are Here to Stay

    CNBC’s report of a JP Morgan analysis is to me the best explanation for continuing low interest rates. “Slowing population growth across the globe could have a major impact on real interest rates, according to new research from JP Morgan. “With more old people saving for retirement and fewer young people borrowing for things like […]

  • A Lie about Voting

    I was put off last Sunday by all the political talk shows that characterized the Liz Cheney-Donald Trump standoff as being about the “lie” about the election.  There is more to the issue than simply calling Trump a liar.  The Democrats did win the election, but only by changing the rules for voting at the […]