Month: June 2021

  • Stop Idolizing Goerge Floyd

    It is sad that Black Lives Matter has made such a point of honoring George Floyd.  He is a human being and should not have been killed by the police.  However, he was a convicted felon for a violent crime, in addition of being a drug user, a poor father, and generally a failure in […]

  • Fareed says America is not quite back

    Fareed Zakaria says that inspite of what Biden is doing, America is not back yet. The Trump years have stained America’s democratic image in the world. Fareed says in his Washington Post column: But the story is not entirely positive. One aspect of the United States’ power remains substantially diminished: its role as a beacon […]

  • Fareed Zakaria on Cyber Crime

    Fareed Zakaria’s Washington Post column on cybercrime: Many of cryptocurrency’s most ardent advocates see it as the way of the future, a decentralized and seamless monetary system that offers an alternative to national currencies. But none of that requires that it be anonymous. If those broader goals are what bitcoin is really about, it should […]