Month: July 2021

  • Infrastructure

    IA major problem with the infrastructure bill, aside from its cost, is its lack of focus.  The Democrats have tried to include everything but the kitchen sink. The Republicans have tried to exclude non-traditional items from infrastructure bill, such as childcare. Nevertheless, the bill contains a hodge-podge of projects from roads and bridges to broadband […]

  • Fareed on Lessons from Covid Crisis

    In his Washington Post column last week Fareed Zakaria says that although the US has weathered the Covid crisis relative well, it has not learned as much from it as the US did from the 2008 financial crisis.  He says:  Yet, during the current crisis, despite our many failures in fighting the disease, we are […]

  • Voting

    Both the Democrats and the Republicans want to change American voting laws.  The Democrats want to make it easier to vote and make it more difficult to confirm that voters are legally eligible to vote.  The Republicans want to make it easier to confirm that voters are eligible to vote without denying any eligible voter […]

  • 1619 Was Not the Beginning of Slavery

    I was stuck that very little of the media coverage of the recent 4th of July mentioned that the day celebrates the American colonies’ independence from Britain.  All the criticism of present-day America and its racism seemed to hypothesize that America emerged fully formed from some dark womb of non-history, when in fact it was […]

  • July 4, 1976

    On July 4, 1976, I was working in the Current Intelligence Office of the State Department Operations Center.  It was the 200th anniversary of US independence.  The glitterati were having a big party in the eighth-floor diplomatic reception rooms of the State Department.  My shift happened to be in the evening while the fireworks on […]