Month: November 2021

  • Panama Canal

    In all the talk about infrastructure and supply chair shortages, nobody mentions the Panama Canal, which was a major infrastructure project and could help solve supply chain problems if could accept the large container ships used today.   The many container ships anchored off the California coast are too big to go through the Panama […]

  • Putin and Ukraine

    Two recent articles on the Foreign Affairs website deal with the question of what Putin plans to do about Ukraine.  Will he invade or not? Russia Won’t Let Ukraine Go Without a Fight Ukraine in the Crosshairs I think the first ignores the history of the relationship between Russia and Ukraine, while the second tends […]

  • Carbon Trading at COP26

    The carbon trading plan set up by COP26 seems to be vague.  In the reports of it, I don’t see any numbers about how it would work in detail.  The main issue seems to have been how much money would be given to poor countries as part of the arrangement.  The new UN-backed trading system […]