Month: December 2021

  • EU Moving Towards Nuclear Power

    EU Moving Towards Nuclear Power

    The European Union will soon decide whether it will classify nuclear power plants as a clean source of energy, according to Bloomberg.  I think it should.  The New York Times reports from a French town on the border with Germany about the dispute between France and Germany on the future of nuclear energy.  A nuclear […]

  • Facing Up to Putin

    Facing Up to Putin

    Ukraine is not Poland.  Putin’s threat to take back all or part of Ukraine is somewhat different from a threat to take part of Poland or Hungary.  Poland, Hungary and other former members of the Warsaw Pact have a history of being independent countries for centuries.  For a thousand years, Ukraine has been more or […]

  • Biden Seeks Nuclear Waste Storage

    Biden Seeks Nuclear Waste Storage

    Reuters reports that President Biden is seeking communities that would voluntarily host nuclear wast storage sites.  It’s unlikely that anyone will volunteer given the widespread opposition to nuclear power, but at least Biden is seeking a way to continue to produce electricity from nuclear reactors.  If America is serious about combatting global warming, nuclear power […]

  • Blockchain vs Visa

    The Visa card processing system handles about 1,700 transactions per second. The Bitcoin blockchain can handle about 4.6 transactions per second.  Other blockchains, such as the Ethereum, may be faster but they still cannot approach Visa’s speed.  Three components of blockchain play off against each other when you try to increase the speed of blockchains.  […]