Democrats Question Iran Deal

According to Politico Democrats are questioning Biden’s effort to reach a new deal with Iran to replace tbe one that Trump destroyed.

While Republicans have been airing their concerns more loudly, some top Democrats are beginning to openly express reservations about public reports outlining details of the new agreement, which would include lifting some sanctions on Tehran. Their doubts follow warnings from administration officials in a closed-door briefing Tuesday that Iran is closer than ever to producing enough material for a nuclear weapon.

Reentering the Iran nuclear deal was a little-recognized campaign promise of Biden’s, and it’s one he’s having trouble with on the Hill. His administration’s negotiations have mostly flown under the radar for the past year amid other foreign policy crises the president has faced, like the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and Russia’s war in Ukraine.

One Republican who supports the Iran negotiations is Senator Rand Paul.

“Everybody claims to say they don’t want Iran to have a nuclear weapon. But if you don’t have diplomacy, how do you plan on stopping them from having a nuclear weapon?” Paul said. “I think it was a mistake to leave the previous agreement because, by all accounts, we’re in a much more difficult position now than we were when we had the agreement.”

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