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Nuclear proliferation

Putin’s implied threats to use nuclear weapons in his pursuit of the Ukraine war has undermined the non-proliferation regime and the NPT by showing how powerful the threat of using nuclear weapons is.

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Tucker Carlson and Immigration

The three-part hatchet job done on Tucker Carlson by the New York Times shows how worried they are about him.  Carlson’s defense of Vladimir Putin and the January 6 attack on the Capitol are wrong and baseless, but some of his other targets are legitimate, particularly immigration.  As a former consular officer who issued visas…

Democrats Question Iran Deal

According to Politico Democrats are questioning Biden’s effort to reach a new deal with Iran to replace tbe one that Trump destroyed. While Republicans have been airing their concerns more loudly, some top Democrats are beginning to openly express reservations about public reports outlining details of the new agreement, which would include lifting some sanctions…

Putin’s Threat to Non-Proliferation

According to Foreign Policy Magazine: One of the most dangerous and far-reaching repercussions of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the subversion of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)—perhaps the most critical multilateral agreement for the survival of humanity. Since its first attack on Ukraine in 2014, Russia’s actions have put the logic of the treaty to…

Immigration and Voting

It appears from the various bills and campaigns that the Democrats are pushing that their goal is to bring millions of Central American immigrants to the US and have them vote for Democrats.  The Democratic effort to bring more immigrants into the US has been going on for years. It is likely that the Democratic…


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